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Forum Abuse

The following items will NOT be tolerated at The Otherworld Forums ...

Abuse of The Otherworld Forums' email account: This account was setup as a means for the residents to be able to contact the moderators should they have any questions or concerns regarding The Otherworld. We don't appreciate residents sending spam, forwards, or emails with viruses attached to this account ... such activity must cease immediately. If the abuse of our email account continues, we won't hesitate in reporting the offender(s) to their own email provider.

Abuse of The Otherworld Forums' private messenging system: Under no circumstances should The Otherworld's PM system be used to harass other residents. Neither should it be used to send spam to other residents ... this also includes unsolicited and malicious links, advertising of other sites, forwards etc. If any resident is found to be using the PM system other than the purpose it is intended for they risk having their account at The Otherworld disabled or deleted.

Abuse of The Otherworld moderators' instant messenger names: Like with the email address, the moderators' AIM and Yahoo! names have been provided should the residents need to contact a moderator directly with a query that requires an immediate response regarding The Otherworld. IMing the moderators just to annoy them via AIM or Yahoo! is not appreciated at all, so don't do it. Anyone who persists in doing this risks losing their forum privledges.

Abuse of The Otherworld avatar creators: The saga continues and it's really beyond a joke now. As mentioned numerous times before the avatars that you'll find at The Otherworld were either created for The Otherworld (by kryceksfox), given to us to use (from katedevereux) or taken (and credited to the creators) from silenthillicons. Don't take and use any of The Otherworld avatars elsewhere. If you find an avatar there that you really must have, ask permission before you take it. Taking an avatar without prior permission is stealing so don't do it.

Bandwidth abuse: If any resident is discovered to be leeching bandwidth from the domain (jamessunderland.com) they will be removed and banned from The Otherworld Forums. Leeching bandwidth that you don't pay for is stealing ... so don't do it!

If you have any questions or comments, please post those in The Confessional. There's a thread that has been started in that forum (Forum Abuse Q & A) especially for questions and comments about this topic ... forum abuse is a pretty big deal and I think everyone needs to be aware of it and to feel free to discuss it too.
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