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Help Wanted ...

The Otherworld Forums Co-Moderator Application.


Age (applicants must be 18yrs and over):

How long have you been a member of The Otherworld Forums?

How often do you post at or visit The Otherworld Forums?

Why do you want to become a co-moderator of The Otherworld Forums?

What can you contribute to The Otherworld Forums as a co-moderator?

Do you have any previous moderating or co-moderating experience?

Have you ever been banned from another forum for bad behaviour or trolling?

Do you have the time and freedom to read over new posts on the forum at least every few days?

If you have AIM or Yahoo Messenger, would you be willing to be a public contact for the forums?

What would your reaction be if someone on the forums started needlessly harassing someone else over their opinion or about an artwork they posted?

Completed applications can be emailed to: silenthillpostoffice@gmail.com
Please put "Co-Mod Application" in the subject heading and allow at least a week for your application to be reviewed and for one of The Otherworld Team to get back to you.

Thank you and good luck!
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