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SH Movie Poster Competition ....

How many members of The Otherworld Forums entered the Silent Hill Movie competition? Let me know (send an email to: OtherworldForums@gmail.com) as the Moderators are interested in including your posters in an album at the Silent Hill Historical Society - Museum & Art Gallery.

It would be really appreciated that you only request to have your poster included in the Gallery if you are an active member of the forums .... by active we mean you actually make an effort to post at the forums .... and only posting once from an idle account and then requesting to have your poster included in the Gallery wont work either .... :P

*Cross-posted to: omgwtfshwhores, silenthillicons, artofsilenthill & silent_hill*

Edit: While we can't guarantee that everyones movie posters will be added to the new album at the Gallery, please know that we will try to include as many of the posters as we possibly can .... thanks for your understanding about this.
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