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The Book Of Otherworld Laws

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The Otherworld
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other: not this; not the same; alternative; different.
world: the universe; the planet earth; sphere of existence; mankind; people generally; society.
otherworld: an alternative sphere of existence.

This is an updates and announcements community for The Otherworld Forums at JamesSunderland.com/forums. News with regards to updates and new additions to the website itself will also be posted here, so please bookmark this community to keep up to date with what is happening with the forums and the website.

It has been decided to allow certain members, along with the moderators of the forums and the maintainers of the website, posting access within this community. If you think that you deserve posting access as well, then please don't hesitate to contact the community moderators and state your reason as to why.

Please note, all important information with regards to the forums/website will be posted first and foremost in Save Point.
General forum news can be found in The Confessional.

If you have any questions or comments, your friendly neighborhood cultists will do their utmost best to answer them.

Oh and if you aren't a resident of The Otherworld already, Whore Bear bids that you become one now!

The Otherworld Forums: Guidelines

Forum Illuminati: James, Walter, Mary, Kasandra, KryceksFox and Henry(?).
Community Moderators: James, Henry, Walter and sometimes Vincent.

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